Our Mission

Happiness Wrapped provides thoughtful hampers and gift boxes and donate 15% gross profit from every sale to Charity.

We have selected five charities close to our heart and hampers and gift boxes are branded to support their colours:

  • Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital Charity (LHCH)
  • Breast Cancer Now
  • Clatterbridge Cancer Charity
  • Warrington & Halton Hospitals’ Charity (WHH)
  • Alder Hey Children’s Charity

Happiness Wrapped also donate hampers to Charity and create gift boxes for Charities to sell.

Our Products

LHCH Charity Mini Pamper Gift Box | Happiness Wrapped

We only select quality products for our Hampers and Gift boxes and use re-usable bases and boxes that are environmentally friendly.

We continuously look for unusual products, that are unique and thoughtful, so we can provide our customers with a variety of Hampers and Gift Boxes. We also test every product ourselves, before they go into a Hamper or Gift Box and are sold.

All of our products are sourced from suppliers based in the UK.

Why Happiness Wrapped?

After trawling various websites in late 2017 for Christmas Hampers, I found some had very few products in them but cost the earth, and others contained cheap and nasty products.  This made me wonder if there was a gap in this market.

Then, in early 2018, my Mum became very ill so I put any thoughts of starting a hamper business on hold while our family went through a difficult time.  As it was my Mum’s birthday, when she was in hospital, I made a luxury hamper for her and couldn’t help but notice how it made her smile. She still says this is the only thing she remembers about her hospital stay.

The excellent care and dedication received from Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital (LHCH) made the world of difference to our family. As a result, I wanted to give something back so applied to be a Public Governor (voluntary) at LHCH and was delighted when I was accepted.  This also led to me thinking about creating a Mini Pamper Box for the LHCH Charity to sell and deciding on the name Happiness Wrapped.

In November 2018, three weeks after I had registered Happiness Wrapped, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So the business went on hold again, while I underwent treatment at Warrington & Halton Hospitals and Clatterbridge.  During this time, I spent many a day in tears when I saw how ill some of the patients were, and other days reflecting on how lucky I was that the Cancer had not spread.  My last day of treatment at Clatterbridge finally arrived in April 2019 so I made a huge Thank You hamper for the staff. Not only did this go down a treat but a couple of people commented on how professional it looked and that I should start a hamper business.

As I rang the ‘end of treatment bell’,  I made the decision that not only would I continue to pursue Happiness Wrapped but it would donate 15% gross profit to the Charities that supported myself and my family.

Lindsey Van Der Westhuizen

Owner, Happiness Wrapped Ltd


This is where we track the donations we make for each charity. Keep checking back and get in touch if you want more information.

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity 💜
Breast Cancer Now 🎗️
Clatterbridge Cancer Charity 💚
Warrington & Halton Hospitals Charity ❤️
Alder Hey Children's Charity 💙

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We support five charities.

15% Gross Profit from each hamper or gift box sold is donated to a pre-selected Charity.

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