How To Create The Perfect Gift Hamper

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Or, in this case, the products or the hamper basket?

We hear you shouting, ‘It’s the Hamper Basket’, and another yelling, ‘It’s the Products’.  Could you both be right?

You may find our How to Create The Perfect Gift Hamper easy guide very useful if you like D.I.Y projects, like creating a Christmas, Birthday or Hamper for a new baby. Come on, you can do it!

Are you having a great day?

If you are naturally quite a lucky person you may find exactly what you are looking for quickly and create an amazing gift hamper in no time. This happens to us at Happiness Wrapped from time to time. Recently we were trawling the web for new baby gift ideas and saw these  ‘Do You Know How Much I Love You’ baby elephant suitcases. We loved them so much that we just had to have them. So we pounced. No planning. No research. No design templates. Shame on us!

Baby Girl Elephant Hamper

In this instance, the hamper base came first. Followed by lots of research until we found new baby clothes sets, cute soft plush elephants and adorable gifts for our Baby Girl Elephant Hamper and Unisex Baby Elephant Gift Hamper. Note the word research here!


Research first, play later!

If you can’t wait to start shopping for adorable products and start lobbing them into a hamper or gift box, STOP RIGHT THERE!  Don’t you need to know How to Create The Perfect Gift Hamper first? What products do you want to include? How many? What size? What colour? What hamper base will you use? Can the base be reused or recycled? What message do you want to relay to the recipient? What is your budget? So many questions and so much to think about, isn’t there?


So, you’ve had a great idea, trawled the web for days and think you have found the perfect products and hamper base.  STOP, do not press the buy button yet!  You need to check if all the products will fit into the hamper base first. We love this bit, it’s great fun! It’s a bit like being back at school with the added bonus of providing much-needed creative time.


We find making paper cutouts of each product very useful and even go as far as colouring them in so we can see how amazing our finished hamper will look. You can do the same with the hamper base, by recycling an old cardboard box or gift basket. Remember though, that every product you choose for your gift hamper needs to send the right message to the recipient otherwise it may be seen as just a load of stuff.


We have learnt through years of experience that it is much easier to research products for a hamper first.  Following this method takes a lot of time of course but also saves money in the long run because you don’t end up with a load of excess stock. This helps us to pass any savings on to our customers and donate more funds to the charities we support.

Help me! I’m struggling with gift ideas.

Why is it that some days we just cannot drum up an idea, no matter how hard we try?  When this happens it helps to spend a little time thinking about the recipient of your hamper to get your creative juices flowing. Like, who is the gift hamper for? Is the perfect gift hamper for your husband, friend, child, new baby, mum, dad, uncle Fred, aunty Susan, sister, brother, grandma? What’s the occasion? Birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Get Well, Wedding, Anniversary. Or a treat to let someone who is going through a hard time know you are thinking of them? What does the recipient like? Do they have a hobby? Do they have a sense of humour? Lots of questions to ask but they all are very relevant when learning how to create the perfect gift hamper.


Perhaps the recipient enjoys cooking. You could create a themed hamper or gift box and include an apron, a few utensils, recipes and favourite food samples.  Or even add a personalised gift to make your gift hamper a little extra special.  If you are looking for a hamper for him and he has a great sense of humour why not check out our gifts for him section? Injecting a little humour into a gift always goes down well.  It not only makes the recipient’s day but it will make you smile when you imagine them chuckling away as they unwrap their fantastic hamper.

Don’t be shy, give it a try!

If you want to create a unique gift hamper or gift box for someone special, but think that the bases out there are expensive or boring, don’t be shy! Just ask yourself, ‘how can I improve, change, or adapt the gift box or hamper basket so it complements the products inside?’

We did this with our Spa at Home Gift Box. We took a plain brown bamboo candle box and replaced the elastic with orange so it matched the lovely health and spa products inside. We then swapped the duffle button for a cute flower one and now the Home Spa Gift Box is one of our bestsellers.

How many products should I include in my gift hamper?

This depends entirely on your budget but we think anything with less than 4 items does tend to look a bit sad. That said, there are ways around this. For instance, you could use a small hamper basket or shallow gift box and place one or two medium or large flat products. Then add a few sample products to fill it. A decent gift box (no cheap cardboard boxes please, we beg you), with fewer quality products, can still look amazing and wow the recipient if enough thought has gone into creating your gift.


Where can I buy products to include in my gift hamper?

Shop around. Visit as many websites and supermarkets as you can for products and grab any great deals, discounts or sales currently on offer. Look for 3 for 2 deals and buy in bulk if you are creating a few hampers.  You could also shop online at Charity sites who we are sure would be grateful for your support. Four of the seven charities that we donate funds to have an online shop. LHCH Charity Shop, Clatterbridge Charity Shop, Alder Hey Children’s Charity Shop and MSA Trust.

Adding a personalised gift to your gift hamper says something special to the recipient. Have a look at some of our Personalised Gifts for a few ideas.

If you choose hamper products online it’s worth keeping a close eye on delivery fees as these can add up quickly.

How can I display products in my gift hamper?

This depends on whether your products are large or small, how many products are used and the hamper size. As a general rule of thumb, if products are medium or large in size they look better in a hamper basket or large deep gift box. That way, you can display larger products at the bottom, medium items in the middle and smaller items at the top. Flat products work better in a shallow gift box and look nice when the largest item is in the middle with smaller items on either side.


How can I accessorise my gift hamper?

The world is your oyster here!

Colour plays a crucial role when creating a gift hamper. This is true for the products, shred, hamper, ribbon and all accessories. You can add sequins, feathers, message plaques, flowers and greenery to accessorise your gift hamper and ensure it looks fantastic both inside and out. We find 3 colours work well together and can make a gift hamper look amazing as long as the product packaging isn’t too busy.


Shredded paper or tissue is great for adding layers within your hamper. If used correctly shred also protects your items as well as helps to pull a fantastic colour scheme together.  These little extras always add a personal touch and create a wow factor for the recipient.


Any other tips?

Sometimes you will find a particular product you love quickly but struggle to find the right items to go with it. Other times, your brilliant idea will just fall into place and every product you are looking for will appear like magic, with very little effort required.

So there you have it – How to Create the Perfect Gift Hamper. The most important thing to remember when creating your gift hamper is to enjoy the whole experience from start to finish and be proud of what you have achieved.

If you have saved money as a result of reading our How to Create The Perfect Gift Hamper blog, that’s fantastic.  Have you thought of donating some of it to your favourite Charity?