Popular Father'S Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate and honour your father. Fathers always make us feel special, so why not give him something he will appreciate to make him feel special for a change?


Father’s Day should be fun and practical and put a smile on his face every time he thinks back to the day. Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation and love for him with something special this June. We have created a list of popular Father’s Day gift ideas to give you some inspiration.

Where and when did Father’s Day start?

Father’s Day originated in the United States around 1910 and is now celebrated around the world, usually on the 3rd Sunday of June (See more here on the History of Fathers Day)

5 popular Father’s Day gift ideas that don’t cost the earth

1. Handmade cards and gifts

A handmade card will mean a lot to your Dad. Homemade gifts may need a bit more planning to have them ready for the big day but it can be done. You could bake something nice like a homemade cake or make something DIY-related, like a picture frame with a photo of your best memories.

2. Food

Sunday lunch with the family at home or the Pub will surely be a winner. Or, you could make a hamper with Dad’s favourite snacks, food and drinks. Homemade cakes, tarts or pies are also always a great treat. Apple crumble anyone?

3. His favourite tipple

Most Dads like beer and whisky or have a favourite drink. Wrap it up like it is, put it inside a gift box with a glass, or sit down and have a beer with him. Your Dad will love it.

4. Personalised fathers day gifts

Anything with Dad’s name or picture on it is a treat. BBQ sets, t-shirts and mugs are very popular. What about a t-shirt with his picture or one of our personalised fathers’s day gifts?

 5. A day out with the family

This is a very popular choice and can be anything from a trip to the beach, a picnic, or a day out walking or cycling with the family. Pick from the many locations available such as National parks, Castles or stately homes and have a great day out.


Don’t fancy going out for a day trip? Weather permitting, why not play some games outside or visit the local park for a picnic, a footy, or a fun activity involving the whole family?


We have carefully researched Father’s Day gift ideas and created a few unique gift sets to treat your Dad to this year.  If you can’t find exactly what you want but have some ideas, contact us to discuss them.